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Ladies and Gentlemen, Writers and University Professors!

In today’s world of digital communication, the internet, social networks, and software have made it easier for people to connect than ever before. Pre-existing and correspondence-assisted communication was often time-consuming, slow, challenging, and cost time and money. But now the problems are getting fixed.

We have also taken advantage of the above to provide these CDs to you esteemed authors and university professors through software. Besides email and other ways, this CD enables us to get in touch in every essay way.

This CD contains complete information and necessary instructions for authors and university professors to write textbooks and prepare books according to the standards, such as the number and pages, size, text size, font and format (A4 and A5) are shown to you. It also contains the necessary information about the book printing in book form (printing of university textbooks).

The most important thing is to get this CD, which shows you to make your books in Word and PDF format. If you would like to write a new textbook or have your book published by us, please carefully fill out the Agreement Request Form on this CD and use information and guidance.

We strive to facilitate dialogue and understanding with you authors and university professors, collaborating with university, academic and teaching faculty and students to write books on modern sciences and up-to-date standards. Please continue to work and serve our country through printing and distribution. Besides all information, lists, instructions, forms, pics, This CD also Incudes these two essential books in soft with it:

  1. Publishing Textbooks for Afghan Universities (PDF book, 228 pages)

The book is divided into four main sections: We discussed printing university textbooks, the launch of the Afghan National Textbook Program for Afghan Universities, theoretical and practical learning, and the first effective step towards a digital library. Publication of 214 medical books on DVD, Agreement Request form for printing books, online access to textbooks of Afghan universities, distribution of books to students and authors, Review of Afghan textbooks / Updates on student textbook problems, the publication of 115 new textbooks on medicine, lack of textbooks in universities, the need for new university curricula and several other essential topics in detail.

  • Textbooks for Medical Students (PDF book, pages 299)

The book is divided into seventeen significant sections, the first of which is devoted to PCB printed books, Paraclinic books in the second part, Public Health books in the third part, Internal medicine books in the fourth part, Surgery books in the fifth part. In the sixth part books on infection, in the seventh part, books on obstetrics and gynaecology, in the eighth part books on psychology, and neurology, in the ninth part, radiology / medical imaging, in the tenth part ophthalmology., Ears and Throat and Skins, Section eleven all Books Name, Section Twelve all Authors and Translators, Section thirteen List of Medical Books, Section fourteen Author’s Biography, Section fifteen English Abstract of the book.

Guidelines for Textbooks Publishing

  • Publishing Textbooks for Afghan Universities (PDf, Book, 288 pages)
  • Textbooks for Medical Students (PDF Book, 298 pages)
  • List of all published books (English/Pashto)
  • List of 214 Medical Textbooks on DVDs
  • List of 45 Engineering Textbooks on CD
  • Agreement form (fillable agreement)
  • Points for the authors (English, Pashto, Dari)
  • Publishing textbooks Presentation (Pashto, Pdf)
  •  Publishing textbooks Presentation (English, Pdf)
  • Guides for (Pdf)
  • JPEG of 340 Published Cover (Pictures)
  • 307 published textbooks poster from 2010 to 2020 (Pictures)
  • and poster (JPEG)
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