Every author should take notice of the following points for printing books:

  1. The form for printing book should be filled correctly and completely. The author’s name and signature and also the name and signature of the head of department and faculty stamp and also the university’s chancellor name, signature and stamp should be taken.
  2. The book’s soft copy, pdf file, word file and the printed book’s hard copy should be given to us.
  3. The book should be A5 size means that the pages should be of A5 size.
  4. Every book separately in English language must have the summary of the book or abstract on one page and the introduction.
  5. The book should have the author’s biography and a photo. It will be good if there is written the author’s telephone number and email address in each book. If you agree, we will do so.
  6. The book file which is given for printing should be made pdf and should be delivered to us as a final book. The last final edition, those files which are edited at the end should be delivered to us.
  7. The whole book should have one font, if it has many fonts; it is possible to create problems for us. It is better that the book should be written in Bahij Nazanin fonts, size 12.
  8. The book’s English name, the author’s English name should be written on the back or side of the book.
  9. If your book has been passed from the Department “Coordination of Academic Affairs” of Ministry of Higher Education, then that letter should be sent to us.
  10. The book should be completed and should have no problems, so that nothing is left incomplete in any part of the book.
  11. If your book contains colored photos, they should be made as a separate small atlas at the end of book, and then they will be published colored. Send us those photos in a separate file.

The books we are printing in the year must include all the above points. If there is any problem, we will put it in the list, if doesn’t fulfill the requirements shall not be given for printing and shall be delayed.

Thanks for your cooperation!

For further inquiries please contact me.                                                     

Dr. Yahya Wardak

Advisor at Ministry of Higher Education, Kabul, Afghanistan                          

Office: 070632084, Mobile: 0780232310                                                                              

Email: textbooks@afghanic.org                    

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