Assalamualaikum dear readers!

With the support and collaboration of Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), our books on medical, literary, and non-medical topics, as well as all related information about our program, have been accessible and read and downloaded at since 2010.

The uploading and use of our books on this website have been delayed for the past seven years, and the website has been completely destroyed.

We have established a new website with the same name and URL, but with some substantial adjustments and corrections, to fulfill the demands of students and university teachers who are interested in these books and material.

You can access and read the published textbooks for our program on this page, which are organized by faculty and the department’s curriculum.

Students, university professors, and writers can now access all relevant information about our textbook printing process, including university textbooks in medicine, agriculture, economics, engineering, computer science, economics, journalism, and literature fields; as well as informative audios, videos, and interviews, which can be viewed, read and downloaded at

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