AT-KABUL: Educational experts told the Rana Think Tank session on Monday that the government must work for a unified and updated curriculum in order to boost up education quality across the country.

The think-tank participants believed that students use handwritten old notes to learn lessons, because printed textbooks are not available.

Text books and absence of a unified curriculum in universities also affected teaching system.

Thus, Rana Think Tank asked the government to publish new and updated curriculum for universities to push toward development education system in the country.

“Beside qualified instructions, updated textbooks essential for students in higher education institutes and universities,” said Dr. Yahya Wardak, adviser for the higher education ministry.

He said that professors are teaching old lecture notes.

“A medical student learns from notes treatments of disease, so he will use on patient same method, without out diagnostic steps.”

Similar problem is with the physics, chemistry and science. So we need to publish new updated textbooks for a qualified education.

Wardak elaborated that 223 textbooks were printed with revised notes distributed to governmental, nongovernmental universities and organizations, he mentioned.

He highlighted that the new books aimed provided further learning facilities.

Some 20 other books with different titles are ready and will be published soon, he said.

Number of books is also ready, but there is no fund to be published, he asserted.

Ministry of Higher Education must put on top agenda Afghanistan national textbook program and allocate millions of dollar for publishing updated text books instead of running workshops, which are not useful.

Former Kabul governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa said: “The government is demanded to take steps to lead the educational system toward development.”

He said that millions of dollars were donated to Afghan government, but still old chapter notes are taught at the universities, so it is essential to the ministry allocate a budget for publishing new and updated textbooks.

Published in Afghanistan Times, 20 July 2016

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