The lack of quality textbooks at the universities of Afghanistan is a serious issue, which is repeatedly challenging students and teachers alike. To tackle this issue, we have initiated the process of providing textbooks to the students of medicine.

For this reason, we have published over 320 different textbooks of Medicine, Engineering, Science, Economics, Journalism and Agriculture from Nangarhar, Khost, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, Al-Beroni, Kabul University, Kabul Polytechnic University and Kabul Medical University.

It should be mentioned that all these books have been distributed among all Afghan universities and many other institutions and organizations for free. The book you are holding in your hands is a bibliography of all medical printed textbooks.

All the published medical textbooks can be downloaded from & as well.

In order to provide you complete information about the published medical textbooks and to find the book you need, titles of the books, names of the authors, the subjects they cover, contents of each chapter, books ISBNs, short introduction of the books and the names of funding agencies are offered to you through this book. In addition, we have placed the cover of each published book into it.

It is worth mentioning that the books are ordered according to the curriculum and sorted based on the levels and classes including the following categories:      
PCB, Paraclinic, Public Health, Internal medicine, Surgery, Infection Diseases, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Psychiatry/Neurology, Radiology/Medical Imaging, and Dermatology/ Ophthalmology/E.N.T.

Also, the complete index of the books is provided based on the alphabetical order with exact page numbers and a complete index of the authors and translators ordered alphabetically. Additionally, you will find that an author has authored or translated several books.

It would be much easy to find any book you are looking for with the name of its author and the page where it is placed.

The authors and publishers have tried to prepare the books according to the international standards, but if there is any problem noticed, we kindly request the readers to send their comments to us or the authors in order to be corrected for future revised editions.

Dr. Yahya Wardak, Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education,, Kabul/Bonn, December, 2020

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